Business in Focus

Combining maggots and robotics in commercial waste reduction

One of RAMJO Murray Waste Group’s councils, AlburyCity, is combining maggots and robotic technology to manage commercially generated food waste. As part of the fascinating project, a unit the size of a shipping container is being installed at the Albury Waste Management Centre to process and...

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Waste Management Initiatives for Business

Bin Trim

The Bin Trim program provides free help and support to NSW businesses to maximise recycling and minimise waste to landfill. It also helps save time...

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Sustainability Advantage

The NSW government is working with medium and large organisations to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices and nurturing leaders...

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Did You Know?

6000kg of clothes are thrown out every 10 minutes in Australia – straight to landfill

Fast Fact

1 billion coffee cups are used in Australia every year – these are not recycled