Our Team

Albury City – Team Leader Resource Recovery

Andrea Baldwin

Andrea Baldwin

Andrea has been the Team Leader of Resource Recovery at Albury for 13 years and in this time has successfully managed the Halve Waste education program and implemented recycling initiatives locally and regionally. Andrea has contributed significantly to sustainable waste management practices both in council and on a regional level.

RAMJO – Resource Recovery Project Lead

Christian Malins

Christian has extensive experience working in Waste Management, Resource Recovery, and the Sustainability industry. Experience has been gained through working in the private sector with the e-waste product stewardship program as well as state government working for the Central West and North-East Waste Resource Recovery Groups undertaking community engagement/education and collaborative procurement services for council. Christian has also gained experience working in local government undertaking education and stakeholder engagement programs and designing, developing and implementing environmental programs for schools, environmental groups and local government departments.


RAMJO – Resource Recovery Coordinator, Murray Waste Group

Kathryn Miller

Kathryn has lived in rural settings most of her life and loves nothing more than spending time outdoors with her family, dogs and horses and out in the bush with a good book.

Kathryn is passionate about environmental issues and being in the position of the RAMJO Murray Waste Coordinator gives her the opportunity to contribute to working towards improving our planet for the better.

Kathryn has many years working experience in not for profit, local, state and federal government settings, with great skill in administration, governance, project management, facilitation and problem solving.  Kathryn won’t shy away from a challenge and enjoys getting in and making a difference.